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Our vision, values and aims

Our vision

We believe that safe and healthy mobility is everyone’s human right wherever we are; in cities, towns, villages or moving between places. We should all be able to move in a safe and healthy way, as part of our normal day. This means:

  • on short journeys, it is normal, safe and healthy to travel in active ways, such as walking and cycling.
  • on longer journeys, it is normal, safe and healthy to use transport we share with others and get to this transport actively, by walking or cycling.
  • our vehicles serve our needs and don’t get in our way or poison the air we breathe. A death or serious injury on roads is a rare and unusual event..

Read our full vision and campaign agenda for safe and healthy mobility here.

Our values

  • DO THE RIGHT THING – We champion proven solutions that: enable people to be safe and healthy; and that enable care for road crash victims.
  • REACH HIGH – We demand and expect ambitious change in light of the gravity of the atrocities.
  • WORK TOGETHER – We can all be part of the solution and we will work with everyone who shares our vision and values.

 Our strategic aims (2020–2023)

  1. ACT AT THE TOP – We will call for people in charge to implement evidence-based policies and investments that progress us towards safe and healthy mobility and that help road crash victims.
  2. ACT LOCAL – We will help people to be champions for our cause, taking evidence-based actions: personally; within their communities and organisations; and at a national level too.
  3. SUPPORT ROAD CRASH VICTIMS – We will support people bereaved and seriously injured by road crashes on their journey to recovery; through evidence-based, quality services.