The three crises

vision zero

People and the planet are enduring three crises on roads.

Crisis 1: Carnage

We are enduring an epidemic of death and injury. Every 30 seconds someone dies on a road. It is the ninth cause of death globally and expected to move up the league of deaths.  Read more about the carnage> 

Road crashes are the number one killer of young people, devastating families and communities. Read more about children and young people>

Crisis 2: Climate change

Cars and lorries are growing in number across the globe and a major contributor to carbon dioxide emissions and climate change. Read more about climate change due to roads>

Crisis 3: Sickness and inequality

There are millions of respiratory disease deaths annually from road vehicle particle pollutants. Millions more die from obesity-related medical conditions due to use of cars. Millions more have restricted mobility due to lack of public transport or routes for pedestrians and cyclists. Read more about sickness and inequality> 

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