Coping with Grief: a guide for you

A death on the road is sudden and violent and causes intense grieving for many people bereaved in this way. Brake has produced a guide for people bereaved by road crashes, called Coping with Grief. This guide has been used by thousands of people, who say it helps them understand what they are going through, cope, and start their recovery.   

This online guide is for people who have suffered the shattering experience of a loved one dying in a road crash. It aims to help you understand emotions and feelings commonly suffered. It provides straightforward advice on how to cope and who can help you to recover.

The death of someone close in a road crash is extremely traumatic. Looking after yourself at this time is very important and can prevent long-term damage to your health and quality of life and enable you to find a way forward. You can also listen here to an online audio version of the Coping with grief book.

Looking after yourself at this time is very important and can prevent long-term damage to health and quality of life. If you have been bereaved by a road crash, or are supporting someone who has, you can access this guide using the links below. 

Emotional and physical responses following a road death  
It is common to experience very strong emotions and even physical symptoms. Understanding that these are related to your bereavement and are normal can help you to cope.

Getting through each day
Each day can be a major challenge. Read some basic suggestions to help you get through. 

Helping each other: talking to family and friends
Family and friends can be very helpful at this time, providing invaluable support. Read our guidance on accessing help from those around you. 

Getting help from others

Seeking help from people around you and from expert counsellors can be enormously beneficial. Read our advice on getting the right help at the right time from the right people.

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