Be a community champion

holding hands with bicycle tattooMany communities have achieved road safety and sustainable transport solutions through taking action locally. Communities can run campaigns for life-saving measures, such as measures to slow vehicle speeds to under 20mph (30km/h) and to protect people on foot and bicycles through foot paths and cycle paths and safe crossing places. 

A united voice is a strong voice. Campaigning together, with the involvement of schools, local organisations and companies, and community leaders, helps success. 

Ten steps to change 

  1. Survey local people (including children) about their concerns.
  2. Survey your roads and traffic. What is the type, volume and speed of traffic? Are there pavements and cycle paths? 
  3. Decide safe system measures you need. 
  4. Gain community representation for road safety and sustainable transport at government level.
  5. Talk to the media. Hold a photo call. Tell them what you want. Read our 5 step guide to media coverage
  6. Involve people bereaved or seriously injured on roads. Give them a voice in your campaign. 
  7. Involve children and young people. They are at high risk on foot and bicycles, and are powerful advocates for change. 
  8. Use the power of the internet and social media to gain support.
  9. Run a Road Safety Week to raise awareness, and ask local drivers to sign the Brake Pledge.
  10. Keep going until you achieve results. 

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feet on zebra crossing